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     Flereus Bio AG is focused on teaching Farmers, Home Gardeners and Landscapers how to free themselves from the need to purchase commercially manufactured fertilizers, soil amendments and pesticides. Not only do the methods that we teach reduce yearly out of pocket costs, they are better for the health of your crops, the environment and people. Through these practices, every acre of farmland can mitigate the total impact that the average family of 4 has on the environment in a year

     No matter the variety of your crop or breed of your livestock, we have the tools that you need to reduce or even eliminate your reliance on large manufacturing companies and to heal your land. All of the methods that we teach are not only 100% organic certifiable, they are 100% edible and just as good for you as they are your land, animals and crops.

     It does not matter if you are growing an Apple Orchard, a field of Wheat or Potatoes. There is no reason to spend over $100 to fertilize and mitigate pests on an acre of crop land for an entire growing season, including labor. If you have the right equipment on hand or readily available, it is possible to get down to $20 per acre for a season of fertilization.

     The current cost to grow 1 acre of apples is in the neighborhood of $4,000. Roughly $1,000 of that is spent on fertilization and pest control. If you could reduce that $1,000 to $100 that would be a 22% increase in gross profits. This is 100% possible, 100% organic certifiable and less labor intensive.

     The methods that we teach have been tested and proven time and time again by colleges, universities and communities all over the world.